Ready-made s.r.o. (Ltd) company

from 17,900 CZK

The price of a ready-made s.r.o. company includes:

  • All costs related to founding the company and the first entry in the commercial register
  • Transfer of the full business share in the ready made company (the fee does not include notary fees in the event of the division of the business share in connection with the transfer of the business share to more people)
  • Appointment and stand down of the company executive and proxies in the limited liability company (s.r.o.)
  • Hand over of all documents related to the transferred company with limited liability (s.r.o.) in one copy only

The transfer of a ready-made company takes just, one visit to a notary where all the legally verified documents will be signed. The minimum requirements are valid proof of identity and no criminal record. The acquisition of the position is immediately legally effective after signing and then you can immediately act on behalf of the company.

Available companies

Company Name Date of register in the Commercial Register Company I.D. Reserved / Available
MOGGAR INVEST s.r.o. 30.04.2014 02955261 Reservation
GARAJ Consulting s.r.o. 03.07.2014 03170233 Reservation
BEGRIN SMART s.r.o. 04.07.2014 03171647 Reservation
HISTRION HOUSE s.r.o. 04.07.2014 03172520 Reservation

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Registered Company Office in Prague

Company registered
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Ready-made s.r.o. (Ltd.)

from 17,900 CZK

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Establishing s.r.o.

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